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“These days, the breadth and depth of the patent literature often makes it extremely difficult to comprehend the intellectual property in an area of technical interest. Altimatia’s approach to performing a patent landscape analysis is rapid and cost effective. Results are presented in a visually clear and concise way that facilitates an understanding of the IP space and assists in deciding how to navigate a path through it when evaluating a technology-based business opportunity.”

Fred Allen
CEO and Entrepreneur
American Nanomyte

“Very experienced and knowledgable searcher. Great work. Enjoyable to work with. Goes the extra mile every time to maximize client value. My preferred vendor.”

Charles Brumlik
Nanobiz, llc

“David is a skilled patent professional with an astute grasp of both technical and legal matters. His particular expertise is in computational and synthetic organic chemistry, with heavy experience in information searching and analysis. I recommend David highly, especially for those seeking patentability or freedom to operate searches.”

David Ladner
IP Consultant, Synergy Pharmaceuticals

“David has been an excellent provider for all intellectual property related matters for us. He has written and filed several applications for us which have been superlative in the depth of our claims and content. He has a deep and broad knowledge within life-sciences which translates to inventive and out-of-the-box solutions to IP related issues.”

Bomi Framroze
Opus Oganics Ltd.