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Chemistry Searches


Exact Chemical Structure Search

When you order an exact chemical structure search we search for patents and publications that contain or describe the query compound exactly as described in your request. No isomers, stereroisomers, homologs will be found, only references that relate to the exact query structure.

Chemical Substructure Search

When you request a substructure search we search for compounds matching the query structure, as well as for compounds containing the query structure as a subset (substructure) of a larger structure. For example, a substructure search using benzene as a query will find benzene, substituted benzenes, and polycyclic aromatic compounds such as naphthalene, anthracene, pyrene, etc.

Markush Chemical Search

Back in the 1920's Eugene A. Markush applied for a patent (US 1,506,316) covering pyrazolone dyes. His claims cited: "a group consisting of aniline, homologues of aniline, and halogen substitution products of aniline." When the examiner rejected his claims, Markush appealed to the commissioner of patents. Markush was subsequently granted his patent, and the Markush style of claiming was approved.

Markush chemical structures are structures containing R groups, where R may be any one of several atoms or groups of atoms, such as R= H, F, Cl, Br, I, and phenyl. Markush structures are often found in chemical and pharmaceutical patents where the patentees are trying to define their patented structures in the broadest manner possible. In other words, Markush structures are generic structures used to define broad classes of compounds.

A Markush chemical search will find references (primarily patents) having Markush generic structures that contain or cover the query structure you're interested in.

Chemical Reaction Search

If you are interested in finding methods to synthesize a compound or transform a functional group we are happy to conduct a reaction search to find the chemistry you need.

Chemical Property Search

When you request a chemical property search we will locate the physical properties of the compound you're interested in.

In addition, we can also conduct a chemical property search to find a group of compounds that share a physical property value or range of values.


Patent Searches


Novelty Search

A basic survey of the art necessary to support patent prosecution, a novelty search will enable you to identify the differences between your invention and the prior art. Knowledge of the relevant prior art will assist you as you draft the claims of your patent.

State-of-the-art-Search / Landscape Search

Useful for companies entering or investing in a new field, a State-of-the-Art search will allow you to quickly come up to speed on the technologies, companies, and inventors in a new field.

Freedom-to-Operate Search

We examine the claims of in-force patents to determine if they would cover your activities, potentially exposing you to expensive litigation. In addition, we search for expired patents whose claims could provide a safe harbor.

Validity Search

During a Validity Search we will search for any enabling prior art that pre-dates the filing of a patent of interest. Domestic patent art, foreign patent art, and non-patent prior art is searched.

Patent Family Search

A Patent Family Search will uncover foreign and domestic patents related to a patent of interest.

Custom Searching

Do you have special search requirements? Call us- We are ready to help.

Current Awareness Search

Our Current Awareness Searches will help you keep abreast of:

  • Developments in your field
  • Competitor activities
  • Governmental activities

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