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How to Perform a Free Chemical-Structure Patent Search

If you are a chemical or pharmaceutical patent attorney you’ve probably encountered the following situation ... you’re working on a new project, say a patent application or a due diligence project for an acquisition. The IP involves a key compound and you’d like a read on how much art, related to the compound, has been patented. You’d like a quick answer. Your in-house search staff are swamped (or you don’t have in-house searchers) and it’s too much time, trouble, and expense to deal with an outside search firm. What do you do?

Searching by compound name isn’t going to get you far because related structural analogs will have unrelated names. Classification searching is going to give you a raft of irrelevant references to sort through. You might have better luck with citation searching, inventor searching, and assignee searching, but if you want to find references covering analogs of your compound, you need to perform a chemical structure search. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a system that was:

  • Free
  • Web-based
  • Easy to use
  • Searchable by chemical structure
  • Comprised of US and international patents and applications

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